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Handcrafted stretch bracelets using high quality gemstones, natural wood, bone and genuine unwaxed lava for superior essential oil diffusion.

Add 1-2 drops of your favorite skin friendly essential oil to natural unwaxed lava beads for “aromatherapy on the geaux.”

Our essential oil diffuser bracelets are handmade by SAGE Aromatherapy. Designed and handstrung in house, we use only high quality, genuine gemstones, natural wood and bone. Every bracelet features natural, unwaxed lava for quick and maximum absorbtion and lasting aromas. Bracelets are made with stretch cord for comfortable wear and easy stackability.

Our prices reflect the craftmanship and quaility we offer in each handmade beauty. Rest assured, your Aroma+Bracelet treasures are free of synthetic stones and poorly absorbable waxed lava. Why? Because our customer deserve the best, and they deserve bracelets that live up to their expectations!


The Back Story

Bracelets, bracelets, bracelets…oh my! My obsession with bracelets began as a child of the 80’s (hint: Madonna) and has yet to cease. From boho style & stackables to bangles & charm bracelets, I love them all! I loved the idea of diffuser necklaces for personal diffusion, but the popular pendants with caged lava balls, although lovely, are simply not my personal style. But guess what is….bracelets!!!

I was so excited to purchase my first lava diffuser bracelet, only to be very disappointed. I loved the style with its beautiful amethyst stones and silver charm, but the lava beads were super shiny and had a thin coat of wax on them which meant the essential oils just rolled right off of them. The oils took forever to “absorb.” In actuality, more ended up being wiped off than worn. Did I mention it cost $28!! I felt ripped off, but with such a wonderful inspirational piece, I was determined to find a solution. After a bit of reseach, I learned that the vast majority of commerially available lava jewerly is made from these types of waxed and even synthetic lava beads.

Having found a few sources for natural and unwaxed lava beads and quality stones, I harkened back to my jewerly beading days in the 90’s and made a few bracelets for myself. With the left over beads, I crafted a few more as “thank you” gifts and gave to friends who volunteered as case study participants which was required for me to graduate from my NAHA approved aromatherapy certification program at The School for Aromatic Studies. My friends loved them and asked for more…and their friends started calling and requesting bracelets as well.


As much as I tried to avoid being in the “bracelet business,” I found people were more & more interested in the bracelets, so I could not deny them the opportunity to have something so special to add their aromatherapy experience and to share with their own friends as gifts.

There is nothing more joyful to me that to be able to bring to life something envisioned by an aromatherapy enthusist, whether a custom essential oil blend, personalized bath and body products, or the perfect bracelet that suits their personality and provides them with a beautiful medium to enjoy their beloved essential oils in such a personal way. With that said…I guess that means I am officially in the “bracelet business.” XOXO

True to Louisiana heritage, with every order, you will always find a little lagniappe…whether it be free shipping, a free charm, or other little treasure.

Shop our on-line store for our ready-to-ship bracelets (free shipping and local delivery) or contact us for custom orders, wholesale and fundraiser options.