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Best Essential Oil Book

The two questions that I’m most often asked are, “What brands do you use?” and “What’s the best book to buy?”  The first is not a one word answer, but the second one is. If you told me that I had to choose only one book for using essential oils and aromatherapy in everyday life…for the rest of my life, this is it!
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Passive Essential Oil Diffusion: At Home & On The Go

Today we are talking about essential oils and passive diffusion!! There are many ways to diffuse essential oils and enjoy their aromatic benefits without using any electricity or a flame. Passive diffusion is one of the easiest and most economical ways to enjoy aromatherapy at home, in the car & on the go.  
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Fresh Cut Flowers: Floral Beauty with Double Duty

Fresh cut flowers from the garden or the local market are a simple and beautiful way to add life and color to your world. Fresh flowers can instantly spruce up your decor and create a sense of well-being in your home. Also, for some magical reason, having fresh flowers around just makes you feel more beautiful. Continue reading “Fresh Cut Flowers: Floral Beauty with Double Duty”

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Bath & Body Brands + Aromatherapy Tips for Natural Living

In this video I share a few of my favorite natural bath & body brands that use essential oils and other natural botanicals. I also share how to make your own scented body lotion using essential oils. I have tons more green beauty brand faves and tips if interested, so comment below if so.

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Live Well with Cancer: Restore & Renew Retreat

Saturday, September 16, 2017

8:15 AM-3:00 PM

Live Well with Cancer: Restore & Renew Retreat

Baton Rouge, LA

I am so honored to able to present on exploring everyday scents and botanical aromas for enhanced emotional well-being at this upcoming retreat for Women Living with Cancer and their Caregivers. Continue reading “Live Well with Cancer: Restore & Renew Retreat”

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Six Reasons To Buy Essential Oil Samples

One of the most exciting things about essential oils is that there are so many types of essential oils available. But, one of the most stressful things about them also is the fact that there are so many!


A great solution to this dilemma is samples! There are a number of reputable essential oil companies that offer samples. Sample size varies by company, ranging from a few drops to a dram. It is important to note this when selecting you samples so that you are certain of what you are ordering.

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5 Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Tips, Tricks & Hacks

If you have used essential oils long enough, you will have made some discoveries of things that you wish you had known earlier. You may also find yourself saying, “What was I thinking?” or “I wish I had I known that!”

Sometimes we also hear ourselves  say, “why re-invent the wheel?” That was my thought today so I decided to share with you a video I made for Urban Cajun Girl with some of these tips, tricks and lessons I have learned over the years.  Continue reading “5 Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Tips, Tricks & Hacks”

Aromatherapy Diffusers

ZAQ Bamboo Diffuser

I am often asked about essential oil ultrasonic diffusers. There is seemingly an endless selection of styles, features and brands. I certainly have not tried all of them, but I have had enough variety over the years to feel comfortable making recommendations when asked.
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Aromatherapy Toolbox: More Tools & Great Tips

As promised in my last video, today I am sharing additional tools, how to’s & practical tips for ease and convenience when using essential oils.

This essential oil key is one of the best tools I ever discovered. There are many types and brands and can easily be found on Amazon.

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Aromatherapy Toolbox

Aromatherapy Toolbox: Plumber’s Tape

There are many accessories and gadgets that come in handy when working with essential oils and creating your personal aromatherapy products. Today, I will share one that seems a bit far fetched, but it is rather useful: plumbers tape! Continue reading “Aromatherapy Toolbox: Plumber’s Tape”