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Ultimate Bundles for E-Books & Courses

Learn anywhere, anytime. Download the biggest, best collections of digital products (eBooks, eCourses, etc.) on the Aromatherapy and Natural Living Lifestyles.

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Herbs & Essential Oil Super Bundle is a tremendous value at $47 as it includes 26 e-books, e-courses and printables ($760+ value) to make it easy to build your own library & connect to the types of education you seek.

Sure you’ll never read or complete 26 e-books/e-courses or perhaps not agree with some authors & their approaches, but there’s more than enough to generously add to your natural living library and education with just a fraction of what’s offered.

Plus you get a full 12 months to download books and enroll in the courses. Cheers to a year of learning!! Order you own Super Bundle here

Aromatherapy Courses from NAHA Approved Schools


Serious about safe and effective use of essential oils? Employed in the natural, holistic and integrative health and wellness industry and wanting to add credible aromatherapy training to your practice? Consider taking on-line courses from NAHA Approved Schools that offer continuing education as well as professional certifications. Whether for certifcation or enrichment, here are a sampling of courses from highly regarded aromatherapy schools that offer lifetime access and online education. Visit AromaWeb for a complete list of professionals aromatherapy schools.

The School for Aromatic Studies

Aromahead Institute

Aromatherapy for Natural Living: Everything you need to know to begin creating natural remedies, skin and home care products!

Body Butters and Lip Balms: Make your own bodycare products with beeswax, body butters and carrier oils!

Free On-Line Courses for Home Users

(Discount tuition codes on future courses may be offered at end of some of these free course)

Free Introduction to Aromatherapy by The School for Aromatic Studies

Introduction to Essential Oils from Aromahead Institute by Aromahead Institute

Aromatherapy for Natural Living: Reduce Allergies Naturally by Aromahead Institute

Introduction to Aromatherapy by The School for Aromatic Studies

Aromatherapy Books

The books listed below are in our personal library, represent a range of reputable resources from beginning home user to the clinical practitioner. All of these books are available by request to preview at any of our in-person sessions and seminars to assist you in deciding which are best for your aromatherapy library. The following contain links for convenient on-line shopping. Books are listed in alphabetical order by title for quick reference.