Meet Hope


Hi and Welcome!

I am Hope Himel-Benson, owner of SAGE Aromatherapy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

My appreciation for aromatherapy was sparked in the 1990’s. It started back in college with a lamp diffuser ring paired with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils purchased at a natural living store on Lee Drive.

My journey and desire to becoming a certified aromatherapist would slowly developed over the next 20+ years. You can read more about it atMy Aromatherapy Journey.”

In a nutshell, as with most moms, my discovery and emersion in aromatherapy was fueled by seeking to enhance the well-being of my son and creating a natural living home. Also like most moms, I wanted to make sure I did so safely, effectively and wisely which is what eventually led me to choose professional aromatherapy education rather than relying on self proclaimed gurus, untrained natural health practitioners and sales reps, questionable blogs and social media groups.

Historically, holistic wellness and natural living businesses are not particularly plentiful in Louisiana, but I am delighted to say that awareness and services are quickly growing. I am even more delighted to be able to bring professional aromatherapy awareness and resources to my local community.

It is my personal desire to help everyone feel at ease and confident in learning about the use of essential oils and in an authentic, wise and safe manner.

As I have said for years, I care not what brand you use, only that you use pure, unadulterated, quality products; use them safely, and guided by professional aromatherapy sources both inside and outside of the United States.

The use of essential oils and other botanicals has a deep, long and rich history in many cultures and generations. We can learn from all of them.

I would love to walk this journey with you. Please message me to get started. In the meantime, follow our Blog and social media channels for current aromatherapy articles, resources, videos, events, and more.

Love and Wellness, Hope

Aromatherapy Education & Continuing Education 

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