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Stash Sessions
Stash happens! Enthusiasm takes over & we acquire more oils than we can name. Not that long ago, I found myself with 70+ essential oils and lost. I used less than 20 on a regular basis and the stash came to represent three things: great potential (if I would have known what to do with them); wasted money (because they were not being used); and an impulse buying habit, as many were purchased because sales/deals with no real understanding or plan for them.
Perhaps you have a tiny stash & you want to maximize it, or maybe you find yourself where I was….with more than necessary and using only a fraction of them.
This special 1:1 session is designed to teach you how to get the most use of your stash, no matter the size. We will develop a plan for using the ones that target your lifestyle goals, which essential oils you may want to add, and ways to sell or trade the ones you no longer need.
Costs: $60 Initial session, includes a 15-minute pre-consult phone call and requires completion & submission of intake and consent forms prior to scheduled 75-minute session. $50, Additional 1-hour sessions
My stash session with Hope was like having a wardrobe organizer, but for my essential oils. I found what “fits” me and what doesn’t; and I discovered I had more “outfits” than I realized. -Kim

Lifestyle Sessions
These 1:1 sessions are a perfect choice if you want to target an area of interest and/or aromatherapy lifestyle goal. We will identify essential oils and natural botanicals along with ideal methods of application to achieve the wellbeing and purpose you seek. Applications can include custom synergies blends, inhalers, roll-ons, bath salts and scrubs, body oil and lotions, etc.
Session Fees:  Initial session $60, includes a 15-minute pre-consult phone call and requires completion & submission of intake and consent forms prior to scheduled 75-minute session. $50, Additional 1-hour sessions

Studio Sessions & Classes
If you have ever taken a class for soap or jewelry-making, flower arranging, scrapbooking, cooking, or something similar and enjoyed it….this is for you!!!
These fun & interactive classes are for anyone who enjoys “leisure courses” and who has an interest in aromatherapy and expanding their knowledge of safe and effective use of their essential oils.
All classes are custom designed for the client and guests. Classes range from 60-120 minutes and can be completely customized for your group. The studio comes to your meeting space.
Fees varies according to number of participants, length of class and required supplies. We are flexible and can work with your particular interest and budget. Options for classes where students use their own personal oils and remaining products/supplies are provided.

Community, Organization & Business Events
Aromatherapy classes, interactive seminars and group presentations are available for community events, business, and organizations. Contact us for a free consult to discuss your ideas and options for your aromatherapy-themed event. Fees vary depending on number of participants, supplies and length of event.

To schedule your session or inquire about custom classes, contact us below.